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4k deformable mirror. Plus k deformable mirrors.

Above: Close up of the 3K-DM

Example of results from GPI with 4k Deformable Mirror

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Subaru Coronagraph Extreme AO Using the 2k-DM

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Gemini Planet Imager Test Results Using the 4k-DM

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Mirror 2K-1.5 2K-SLM 3K-1.5 3K-SLM 4K-3.5
Actuator Count
(50 across the active aperture)
(50 across the active aperture)
(62 across the active aperture)
(62 across the active aperture)
(64 across the active aperture)
1.5µm 1.5µm 1.5µm 1.5µm 3.5µm
19.6mm 19.6mm 18.3mm 18.6mm 25.2mm
400µm 400µm 300µm 300µm 400µm
Mechanical Response (10%-90%)
<75µsec <75µsec <75µsec <75µsec <100µsec
Approx Interactuator Coupling (+/-5%)
15% 0% (+/-5%): 15% 0% (+/- 5%): 13%

  • Zero hysteresis
  • Sub-nm average step size
  • Fill factor >99% (DM), 98% (SLM)
  • Surface figure: <30nm
  • Recommended operating temperature: -10C – 30C
  • Recommended storage temperature: -10C – 80C
  • Recommended relative humidity: < 30%RH

+K-Class Driver Specifications

  • DIO interface: SFP fiber link (2.5 Gbps)
  • 120-240 VAC input
  • 14 bit step resolution
  • Frame Rate: 20 kHz
  • Dimensions: 5.25" x 19" x 14" (3U Chassis)

Software Specifications

  • Windows 7/10, Linux OS Compatible
  • Basic Operation software included
  • C/C++, Matlab, Python, and Labview drivers included
  • Linux drivers available

Mirror Coatings

  • Gold
  • Aluminum
  • Protected Silver (additional charge)

Protective Window with AR Coating

  • 400-1100nm
  • 1550nm
  • 550-2400nm (additional charge)

Hermetic Seal

Improved Isolation from Harsh Environments

For users who would like an added level of isolation from the elements, we offer hermetical sealing on select models of our deformable mirrors. These mirrors meet the requirements of the MIL-STD-883 specification. Prices vary based on product. Please contact us for more details.

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Peter J. Ryan ; Steven A. Cornelissen ; Charlie V. Lam ; Paul A. Bierden, “Performance analysis of two high actuator count MEMS deformable mirrors,” Proc. SPIE 8617, MEMS Adaptive Optics VII, 861705 (March 5, 2013); doi:10.1117/12.2005299..


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Alexis Hill ; Steven Cornelissen ; Daren Dillon ; Charlie Lam ; Dave Palmer ; Les Saddlemyer, “Flexure mount for a MEMS deformable mirror for the Gemini Planet Imager,” Proc. SPIE 8450, Modern Technologies in Space- and Ground-based Telescopes and Instrumentation II, 84500H (September 13, 2012); doi:10.1117/12.926842.

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Above: The 2K-DM assembled at the Subaru Coronagraph Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) instrument

2k Deformable Mirror on the Subaru Coronagraph

Left: Example of wavefront error (WFE) that the 4K-DM is expected to see due to atmospheric turbulence when the instrument is installed on the Gemini telescope.
Center: The controlled DM shape to correct for the WFE.
Right: The residual error after correction (<λ/20)

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4k deformable mirror. Plus k deformable mirrors.
3K deformable mirror. Plus k deformable mirrors.
The 3K-DM: Included in the design for multiple space telescope concepts. Also available in a Hex -TTP (Hexagonal Tip-Tilt Piston(pictured: right). 
Scroll down for more information.
The 4K-DM: Currently installed on the Gemini Planet Imager, which achieved first light in November 2013.
Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

The 2K-DM: ​Currently installed as an enabling component in the Subaru Coronagraph Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) Instrument.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for more information.

The +K-DM Family: High spatial resolution wavefront correctors for next generation applications in astronomy and laser communications. Boston Micromachines Corporation is leading the industry in high actuator-count MEMS deformable mirror technology. These mirrors are fielded at prominent astronomical facilities around the world to improve wavefront correction capabilities, enabling cutting edge science. Scroll down for more information on options.

High Actuator Count ​Deformable Mirrors