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Optical Modulator

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Retinal Imaging


How will ophthalmologists find the next preventative therapy for blindness with modern scanning laser ophthalmoscopes? 


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Modulating Retroreflector
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MEMS DM's in National Defence
MEMS DM's in Multi-Photon Microscopy
Retinal Imaging Systems
High Actuator Count Deformable Mirrors


How do MEMS DMs support the nation's top defense contractors?

MEMS DM's in Astronomy



How do thousands of moving micro-mirrors give giant telescopes the resolving power to study distant galaxies?

MEMS DM's for laser applications

Laser Applications

How can laser beams be sharpened and laser pulses shortened using an active micro-mirror? 

Multi-Photon Microscopy

How will neuroscientists use adaptive optics to image at greater depths of the brain? 

​​General Microscopy

How did an entry-level MEMS DM give RPI's microscope invention high magnification and high field of view? 
MEMS DM's in General Microscopy
MEMS DM's for Retinal Imaging

Boston Micromachines has pioneered MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) deformable mirror technology for advanced optical control. These miniature-precision light-shapers empower the world's top researchers to make breakthroughs in astronomy, microscopy, laser control, and retinal imaging. Leading the industry in MEMS mirror development and expanding into full high-resolution imaging systems, Boston Micromachines is committed to driving discovery in photonics applications.