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​A high precision wavefront corrector for spectral and temporal phase control.

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Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirrors are available in a wide array of pitches and strokes with either segmented or continuous mirror membrane facesheets.

Segmented DM

To determine which device best suits your needs, specifications for each BMC deformable mirror are available in the links above, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!  

We are always happy to help select the optimal wavefront correction device for your application.

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​High precision wavefront manipulators for an array of applications

Continuous DM

Deformable Mirror Background

Boston Micromachines deformable mirrors are advanced wavefront control devices that consist of a mirror membrane supported by an underlying actuator array. Each actuator in the array can be individually deflected by electrostatic actuation to achieve the desired pattern of deformation. Unlike piezoelectric mirrors, electrostatic actuation ensures mirror deformation without hysteresis.

Adaptive Optics 101

Want to learn more about Adaptive Optics? Download our whitepaper for an introduction.

Scientific Publications 

​Want to find out more about how our deformable mirrors have been used? Read all about them in the scientific publications page.

Large MEMS DM systems

High spatial-resolution wavefront correctors for next-generation applications in astronomy and laser communications 


Advanced technology ideal for demanding applications in astronomy and laser communications

Small MEMS DM Systems

Economic and versatile solutions for advanced wavefront control

Small MEMS DM Systems
Hex TTP-DM Systems
Linear Array DM Systems
Large MEMS DM Systems
Medium MEMS DM Systems

Standard ​Deformable Mirrors

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