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Modulating Retroreflector
Related Product
The Optical Modulator technology has been integrated into a product developed for a specific need, namely the
Modulating RetroReflector (MRR). Click here for more information regarding this product and how it can be customized for your needs.
Customization Opportunity
Our MEMS Optical Modulators have proven versatility across various applications, and device performance can be customized to user specifications. The details listed (left) describe a default set-up device created for research within a laboratory setting.

contact us to arrange a meeting with our engineering team to discuss how the Optical Modulator platform can be customized for your own specific application..
Boston Micromachines Modulator Optical and Electromechanical Performance
Optical Modulator Specifications
Continuous Surface
Single-actuation design
Analog step feature
Aperture*: 6.0 mm
Coating: Gold
Zero group velocity dispersion (GVD)
​Surface Finish: <6 nm
RMS Switching speed: below 2µs

* Custom-sized apertures available upon request
Broadband Optical Modulator Surface Figure
Broadband Optical Modulator

Broadband Optical Modulator for intensity modulation.

   The modulator is a reflective diffraction grating with controllable groove depth. It is capable of far field intensity modulation of a reflected laser beam by varying between an unpowered flat mirror-state and a powered diffractive state either gradually or in a binary fashion. The device design is based on BMC’s heritage deformable mirror technology that uses hysteresis-free electrostatic actuators to deform a continuous mirror facesheet. The device microfabrication process has the purpose of producing optical modulators in a cost-effective manner using commercial semiconductor batch processing techniques. 

Broadband optical modulator Technology