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Boston Micromachines Broadband Optical Modulator
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BOM-115 BOM-200
Peak Contrast >90% >98%
Rise/Fall time: 10%-90% <3µsec <5µsec
3dB Roll-off 150 kHz 80 kHz
Max. Contrast
Frequency Limit
90kHz 30kHz
Active Aperture 8.5mm* 8.5mm*

  • Gold reflective coating
  • Extinction ratio:
               600:1 (1st order)
               50:1 (0th order)

        * Custom-sized apertures available upon request

MB-200 Driver Specification

  • Frequency Range: DC to 300kHz
  • 120-240 VAC input
  • Dimensions(W × D × H): 5" x 4" x 1"

Protective Window with AR Coating

  • 350-700nm
  • 650-1050nm
  • 1050-1620nm

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Broadband Optical Modulator System

Boston Micromachines Optical Modulator and Retroreflector Driver MB-200

The BOM System is designed for economical optical modulation at speeds of up to 200kHz.

   When paired with the MB-200 High Voltage Drive Electronics, the
Broadband Optical Modulator becomes a complete optical modulation system for speeds up to 200 kHz. It offers a low-cost alternative to acousto-optic modulators and electro-optic modulators in this range. The modulator component works as a reflective diffraction grating, chopping the beam by varying between an unpowered flat mirror-state and a powered diffractive state in a binary fashion. With an optical module that easily fits into a standard 1” optical mount, the BOM System is operable after connection to any standard 5V TTL function generator.