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MEMS DM gives microscope high field of view and high magnification
deformable mirror technology peers deeper into the brain
Deformable Mirrors in Astronomy Applications and Telescopes
Adaptive Optics used by National Defense applications
deformable mirror shortening laser pulses and sharpening laser beams
Deformable Mirror Technology for early detection of diabetes, heart disease, eye disease


Boston Micromachines' mirrors are being used by leading manufacturers of optical imaging and communication systems, governmental agencies and contractors, and vision science research laboratories worldwide, including The Photonics Center at Boston University, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, DARPA, Army Research Lab, UCal Berkeley, Lockheed Martin, National Eye Institute, Center for Adaptive Optics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

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Deformable mirror Applications

How do MEMS DM's support the nations top defense contractors?

BMC DM's support the nations top defense applications.

Here's How.

How do thousands of moving micro-mirrors give giant telescopes the resolving power to study distant galaxies?

​BMC DM's empower the Gemini Planet Imager.

Here's How. 

How can laser beams be sharpened and laser pulses shortened using an active micro-mirror? 

​BMC DM's shape light for advanced laser applications.

Here's how. 

How will neuroscientists image at greater depths of the brain? 

​BMC DM's enable deep tissue in vivo imaging.

Here's how. 

How did an entry-level MEMS DM give RPI's microscope invention high magnification and high field of view? 

BMC DM's affordable adaptive optics.

Here's how. 

How will eye doctors detect diabetes, eye and heart disease years before onset?

​BMC DM's enable high resolution retinal imaging. Here's how.