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Apaeros Overview

Kilo-DM Mirror Mount
   Cone Physiology
   Blood Flow
   Offset Aperture Imaging
Two-Photon Microscope
Adaptive Optics Whitepapers Adaptive Optics Whitepapers

AOSLOApaeros’s lateral resolution of ~2 µm enables in vivo high-resolution imaging of previously imperceptible retinal structures. The chief goal of the instrument is to exploit this capability to demonstrate Apaeros’s clinical usefulness in disease diagnosis and prediction of response to disease treatment.

Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope (AOSLO) imaging has the potential to replace or augment less direct methods of tracking disease state such as visual acuity (VA) and can resolve retinal structures and pathology that should be valuable in both diagnosis and treatment.

Below is a brief summary of the pre-clinical use of next-generation retinal instruments. Scroll down for specific capabilities enabled by Apaeros, which includes quantitative measures of cone physiology, detection of microaneurysms and small vessel blood flow profiling.  Instrument Specifications.

Instrument Capabilities and Functions

Quantitative measures of cone physiology
Detection of microaneurysms
Quantitative measures of small-vessel blood flow
AOSLO offset Enhanced Offset Aperture Imaging

List of Current Studies

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