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Open Loop Calibration

For users who prefer to operate our mirror in deflection-space over voltage-space, we offer an upgrade to our basic control software. This option simplifies the use of the mirror in open loop situations where closed-loop operation is not desired or orthogonal shapes need to be generated.
This can be purchased with your mirror or any time thereafter to enhance your DM control experience.
This capability can be implemented in your existing software setup using any of the already-available software drivers included with your DM system.

Hermetic Seal

For users who would like an added level of isolation from the elements, we offer hermetical sealing on select models of our deformable mirrors. These mirrors meet the requirements of the MIL-STD-883 specification. Prices vary based on product.

Mid/High Actuator Count DM Fiber Conversion

For users who already have a Kilo/492 or +K-DM system, we offer PCIe cards on our mid and high-actuator count deformable mirrors for their respective drivers.

Boston Micromachines Corporation customer service

Boston Micromachines is happy to provide accessories or add-ons that you may need for your optical setup process or DM system in order to optimize your performance. All prices can be provided upon request.


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We support researchers in the grant application process.

Flat Setup ​Mirror

The Multi Flat Setup Mirror Assembly is intended to be used for setup and coarse alignment of an optical system prior to usage of the Boston Micromachines Multi-DM deformable mirror in the system. Contact us for more information.

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We are here to help with your questions on products, documentation downloads and getting you the latest software drivers.

Custom Cables

Custom Cables that connect the Boston Micromachines deformable mirrors to their respective drivers can be provided upon request. Cables requested can vary in different length for the desired system setup. Contact us for more information.