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Steven Cornelissen

Vice President of Engineering

   Steven Cornelissen is Vice President of Engineering at Boston Micromachines Corporation. He has been involved in optical MEMS R&D since 2000 and joined Boston Micromachines Corporation in 2002 where his research and product development efforts have led to commercial MEMS deformable mirror products that are enabling advances in imaging systems and optical communication systems using adaptive and active optics. He has successfully led multiple Phase I and Phase II government contract awards for development of MEMS deformable mirrors and spatial light modulators. Steven is a graduate of San Jose State University (BSME) and Boston University (MSME). Prior to joining Boston Micromachines Corporation Steven was a research and development engineer at Space System/Loral.

Steven Cornelissen Boston Micromachines President of Engineering

Joe Caruso


   Joe Caruso has served as interim CEO for companies in need of strategic change; has served as personal advisor to numerous company presidents; has initiated and negotiated to successful conclusion scores of financial transactions; and has served as mediator in resolving intense conflict situations. Mr. Caruso is a Director and active investor in Acumenta, American Fantasy Sports, Boston Micromachines Corp., Common Angels, Process Analytical, and QD Vision. He is a principal in Walnut Venture Associates, a member of Common Angels, and a Managing Partner of Brookwood Partners, all investment groups for early stage companies. Joe is past-president and member of the board (New England Chapter) of the National Association of Corporate Directors, a member of the advisory board for the Boston University Photonics Center, and a trustee of the Quant Funds. Mr. Caruso is also a Charter Member of TIE Boston (The Indus Entrepreneur)-- a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of entrepreneurship. A graduate of Northeastern University (BSEE with honors) and the Harvard Business School (MBA), Joe has also attended Suffolk Law School. Previous board memberships include: ACT Medical, Adhesive Technologies, Audiofile, Boston Restaurant Associates, Coffee Connection, Colonial Mills, Corion, General Analysis, Haymarket Bank, Laser Science, Metrisa, Tytronics, Qiave Technologies, Wwwhoosh, Zentox, the Turnaround Management Association (founding director, New England Chapter), the Association for Corporate Growth (New England Chapter) and WEST (Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology). Joe has also served as an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association. Earlier in his career, Mr. Caruso worked at Teradyne and Autex, Inc., and was CEO at Cyborg Corporation, a venture-funded company that was a pioneer in the use of PC's in laboratory and factory automation. 

Joe Caruso Boston Micromachines Director

Dr. Thomas Bifano
Chief Technology Officer & Founder

   Dr. Thomas Bifano is the Chief Technology Officer for Boston Micromachines Corporation. He also serves as Director of the Boston University Photonics Center, and Professor of the Manufacturing Engineering Department at Boston University, with a joint appointment in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering. His research focuses on developing useful devices with the aid of novel precision-manufacturing technologies. Currently active projects center on development of an advanced class of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) for optical and biomedical applications. Recent highlights include the development of a MEMS deformable mirror system that improves image resolution in microscopes and telescopes, a MEMS microvalve for ultra-precise flow control, and a segmented deformable mirror for optical encryption and optical computing. 

Dr. Thomas Bifano Boston Micromachines CTO

Paul Bierden
President & CEO

​   Paul Bierden received his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, and has spent over 15 years working with small businesses. Since co-founding Boston Micromachines in 1999, he has led pioneering research efforts in optical MEMS fabrication, system integration, and compact AO while overseeing multiple R&D contracts resulting in over $5M in research funding. Mr. Bierden has also spearheaded the commercialization efforts of Boston Micromachines, which has resulted in worldwide sales of BMC’s optical MEMS systems. Prior to joining Boston Micromachines, Mr. Bierden worked with Prism Corporation as Chief Research Engineer, where he helped launch the commercialization of optical disc manufacturing technology.

Paul Bierden Boston Micromachines CEO

Executive Management

   Founded in 1999, Boston Micromachines Corporation (BMC) is the leading provider of advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) - based mirror products for use in commercial adaptive optics systems. A spin-off from Boston University, the company was founded by Boston University Professor and current BU Photonics Center Director Thomas Bifano and CEO/President Paul Bierden. The company’s suite of award-winning compact deformable mirror (DM) products consists of the most cost-effective, highest performance mirror technology in the market today. They are widely used to drive scientific discovery in astronomy, laser beam shaping, microscopy, vision science, and to support a variety of defense applications. Customers include NASA, UC Berkeley, Lockheed Martin, and Boston University. Located in Cambridge, MA, BMC is privately held and offers custom-designed manufacturing services in addition to its portfolio of standard DM products.

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