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Wavefront Sensorless Adaptive Optics Demonstrator

    WS-AOD – Imaging
    WS-AOD – Beam Shaping
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A complete solution for imaging or beam-shaping applications

The Wavefront Sensorless AO Demonstrator (WS-AOD) provides a platform for utilizing metric-based wavefront control with BMC MEMS deformable mirror (DM) technology. While conventional AO systems perform closed-loop DM control using direct measurements of the wavefront as feedback, the metric-based approach uses details in the aberrated light to improve clarity. The system is configured to use a hill climbing algorithm to compensate for wavefront phase errors.

Principle Functions

By utilizing the included algorithm to manipulate the mirror surface, the mirror compensates for aberrations and converges to an optimal profile. The user has access to the open source code to balance correction capability between maximum signal and minimal time. The system is intended to serve three main purposes:


1) Serve as an introduction to wavefront sensorless adaptive optics principles. By using the system in its current form, the user is able to understand the details involved in properly implementing a metric-based adaptive optics solution on an optical system.


2) Use the Demonstrator as a stand-alone aberration compensator The user can use this system on its own to correct for aberrations inserted into the optical path. By introducing aberrations in the sample stage, the system can be optimized for a multitude of use cases from laser research applications to scanning laser microscopy.


3) Enable integration of the components into an existing optical system. The user can easily integrate the hardware into an existing optical system and utilize the open source software code for metric-based correction.

WS-AOD Models

Boston Micromachines currently offers two variations of the WS-AOD for the following applications. Please click below for corresponding schematics and hardware descriptions.

Beam Quality Metric Image Quality Metric
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