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Which DM is right for me?
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Continuous and Segmented Deformable Mirrors

Boston Micromachines’ deformable mirrors are advanced wavefront control devices consisting of a mirror membrane supported by an underlying actuator array. Each actuator in the array can be individually deflected by electrostatic actuation to achieve the desired pattern of deformation. Unlike piezoelectric mirrors, electrostatic actuation ensures mirror deformation without hysteresis.

The Continuous Deformable Mirror has a continuous mirror membrane, while the Segmented Deformable Mirror (Spatial Light Modulator) has a segmented mirror membrane that provides for decoupled actuator deflection.

Advantages of Boston Micromachines' Deformabe Mirrors:

  • Highly reflective metallic coating (Gold or Aluminum)
  • No hysteresis
  • Less than 5 nm repeatability
  • Response time down to 45 µs
  • Device lifetime >1 billion cycles at ½ full stroke
  • Low power consumption


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