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AO System Integration Possibilities with the X-CL PCI Express (PCIe) Interface Card

The Boston Micromachines X-CL Driver PCIe Interface Card offers powerful and flexible capabilities that allow for a range of adaptive optics integration possibilities. Several of our customers have had success upgrading PCIe cards using various customization schemes. Below are four integration options to consider for customizing your PCIe card. Contact us for more details.

Design A: Third Party Hardware Integration

The Boston Micromachines PCIe Camera Link® output board owes its unusual shape for a very specific reason. It is intended to be paired with a XMC/PMC carrier that can hold almost any 3rd party vendor processing XMC/PMC. This XMC/PMC device has the ability to interface with various sensors, do real-time AO processing, and send the data directly to the PCIe board. The XMC/PMC card is a small mezzanine card that has connectors for either a PCI bus and/or a PCI Express® link. When paired with the XMC/PMC carrier, the PCIe board can be part of a 2-slot AO system capable of high speed, low latency calculations and transmission of driver commands.

Design B: Custom Solution with Mini-Mezzanine

The Boston Micromachines PCIe Camera Link® output board has three board-to-board connectors designed for use with a custom mezzanine. One is intended to hold a small, low power IO mezzanine. Any number of custom mezzanines can be designed to attach to the PCIe card. The PCIe FPGA is intentionally oversized so there is a large amount of unused logic available for custom algorithms. The image shows the PCIe board with the outline of a possible Mini-Mezzanine IO board.  

Design C: Custom Solution with Processing-Mezzanine

There are two additional mezzanine connectors at the rear of the board which supply additional LVTTL signals for passing X-Driver commands to the PCIe board. A custom FPGA processing board can be designed to mate to the PCIe Board. This mezzanine can be a larger board with more processing capability. It has access to the same front panel connector space as the Mini-IO Mezzanine but can extend the entire length of the board while still meeting the 1-slot specifications for PCIe. All three mezzanine connectors can be used for a total of 77 LVTTL signals connected directly to the FPGA.  

Design D: Third-Party Frame-grabber integration

A lower cost AO system is possible by using an FPGA based Camera Link® Frame-grabber. The AO algorithm could be implemented in the FPGA on the Frame-grabber to send its results to the PCIe board via the PCIe link. This cheaper alternative is also a 2-slot solution, but does not require the two boards to be inserted adjacent to each other in the host computer.