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Advanced Imaging Magazine | November Industry News
Thorlabs and Boston Micromachines Partner to Further Deploy Deformable Mirrors to the Photonics Research Industry

Thorlabs, Inc (Newton, N.J.) and Boston Micromachines Corp. have announced a new partnership that will allow BMC, a leading provider of advanced MEMS-based mirror products, to bring its deformable mirrors into the photonics research community. This wide exposure will create diverse market opportunities and encourage the creation of new products incorporating adaptive optics technology.

Collaboration between Thorlabs and BMC already has generated considerable results. Researchers at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute developed an Adaptive Scanning Optical Microscope (ASOM), an innovative microscope that uses BMC's technology and was licensed by Thorlabs earlier this year. ASOM represents the first commercially available adaptive optics instrument.

"This partnership is a signal to the industry that adaptive optics is now ready for prime time," said Paul Bierden, president of Boston Micromachines. "With BMC's technological advancements and Thorlabs' venerable position in the photonics industry, this partnership will drive this proven technology to wide deployment in new commercial applications.

Adaptive optics, which is widely known for its early success in the field of astronomy, has experienced significant growth over the last few years. Today researchers are also using it for retinal imaging, microscopy and laser communications.

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