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BioOptics World | February 5, 2008
Adaptive optics toolkit

The new Adaptive Optics Toolkit from Boston Micromachines (Cambridge, MA) and Thorlabs (San Jose, CA) is a turnkey solution that allows researchers to integrate adaptive optics into their research systems in hours rather than months. It is priced four times less than components purchased separately from other manufacturers, providing the price point necessary for wide-scale deployment in research and industrial communities.

The Adaptive Optics Toolkit includes Thorlabs' WFS150C Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor, BMC's 140 actuator Multi-DM deformable mirror system, and software designed to minimize wavefront distortion. The control software also allows the user to monitor the wavefront corrections and intensity distribution in real time.


  • DM capable of achieving high spatial resolution shapes due to high actuator count and low inter-actuator coupling
  • Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor with high resolution CCD camera and high-quality microlens array
  • Compact DM driver electronics with built-in high voltage power supply suitable for benchtop or OEM integration
  • Real-time, high-precision wavefront measurement and correction
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