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Modulators and Choppers

Kilo-DM Mirror Mount
Reflective Optical Chopper
Optical Modulator
Modulating RetroReflector
Adaptive Optics Whitepapers Adaptive Optics Whitepapers
BMC has extended its ability to shape light to include a new class of products designed around optical modulation. Whether you are interested in binary optical chopping or sophisticated analog intensity control, BMC can provide a solution to satisfy your needs. Click the links below to learn more.

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Designed to out-perform the traditional optical chopper.
The Reflective Optical Chopper offers greater frequency range with faster chopping speed without alteration of the beam size. The Modulator component works as a reflective diffraction grating, chopping the beam.

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Optical Modulator  

A flexible component for intensity modulation
The optical modulator is a reflective diffraction grating with controllable groove depth. It is capable of continuous far field intensity variation of a reflected laser beam either gradually or in a binary fashion.

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A nimble solution for free-space optical communication
A derivative product using our optical modulator technology, the MRR is a practical device which can be used to securely transmit data over long distances

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