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Micro Mirror Applications

micromirror applications

Retinal Imaging

Multi-Photon Microscopy

General Microscopy

Laser Applications


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Adaptive Optics Whitepapers Adaptive Optics Whitepapers
retinal imaging How will eye doctors detect diabetes, eye, and heart disease years before onset?

BMC DMs enable high resolution retinal imaging.  Here's how.

How will neuroscientists image at greater depths of the brain?

confocal microscopy   How did an entry-level MEMS DM give RPI's microscope invention high magnification and high field of view?

BMC DMs affordable adaptive optics.  Here's how
beam shaping   How can laser beams be sharpened and laser pulses shortened using an active micro-mirror?

BMC DMs shape light for advanced laser applications.  Here's how.
telescope mirror   How do thousands of moving micro-mirrors give giant telescopes the resolving power to study distant galaxies?

BMC DMs empower the Gemini Planet Imager.  Here's how.
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