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Linear Array DM

Linear Array-DM
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A high-precision deformable mirror for spectral phase control

The 1 × 140 actuator Linear Array Deformable Mirror (DM) was developed for use in laser pulse shaping applications in which the DM is used to modify the phase of the spectral components of the laser pulse to achieve a desired temporal pulse characteristic. The device design is a based on BMC’s heritage deformable mirror technology that uses hysteresis-free electrostatic actuators to deform a continuous or segmented mirror facesheet. The prototype deformable mirror device has both a continuous and segmented mirror facesheet version as shown below, with an active area of 1.2 mm × 41.7 mm and 1.5 mm × 42 mm respectively. Each active mirror area is supported by an array of electrostatic actuators, spaced at a pitch of 300 μm.

Linear Array schematic

Linear Array Schematic

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Customization Opportunity

The Linear Array DM is a technology on which BMC plans to expand upon in future generations of the device. The specifications listed are for a prototype device that was created for a specific need. Many of the parameters listed can be modified for specific applications. Please contact us to arrange a meeting with our engineering team to discuss how the Linear Array DM can be customized for you.

  Linear Array DM
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DM Specifications

  • 96x1 or 48x2 actuators
  • Length: 28mm/12mm
  • Width: 1.8mm/800μm
  • Zero hysteresis
  • Sub-nm average step size
  • Fill Factor >99% (DM), 98% (SLM)

* Custom actuator counts available upon request


Driver Specification

  • USB 2.0 Interface
  • 14 bit step resolution
  • Frame Rate(latency): 8 kHz (125 µs) with 34 kHz (32 µs) burst
  • Dimensions: 9" × 7" × 2.5"
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