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Deqing Ren
Associate Professor,
Physics & Astronomy Department
Principal Investigator, Portable Solar Adaptive Optics System (PSAO)

Deqing Ren and a team at California State University Northridge have developed a portable solar adaptive optics (PSAO) system for solar telescopes. The system is extremely compact and can actually be easily transported to any available solar telescope as a visiting instrument for scientific observations. It has the capability to work with solar telescopes up to 2.0 meters in diameter, which encompasses the largest solar telescope currently operational.

The AO system features low cost and high-performance and utilizes Boston Micromachines’ high-speed Multi- DM deformable mirror to efficiently correct for atmospheric turbulence.  It provides effective wave-front correction for high-resolution solar imaging in the near-infrared as well as the visible.  Since 2010 the team has conducted several successful on-site observations, initially at the San Fernando Observatory (SFO) using a 0.61 meter solar telescope and more recently on the 1.5 meter McMath-Pierce telescope (McMP) located at Kitt Peak National Solar Observatory.

This photo shows the PSAO loaded on the McMP rotation station for the latest observations in May 2012.


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