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To demonstrate the potential of the AOSDK architecture, BMC has constructed an integrated optical assembly with standard wavefront sensor, deformable mirror and relay optics along with an additional DM for aberration creation and two forms of metric-based control.  Specifics are shown below. Stop by our booth at an upcoming tradeshow and check it out!

BMC provides discrete software modules that can accelerate and simplify development. Each module is designed to accept defined outputs from your specified hardware. Choose from the available options below or specify your custom hardware and BMC can develop a module for you.

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The Adaptive Optics Software Development Kit (AOSDK)

Integrated Dual-Mode AOSDK Demonstrator 

Current Available Options

Over time, BMC plans to integrate more hardware options and software techniques into the AO SDK. Inquire within to find out the latest hardware that is compatible with the SDK and to discuss how we can help you integrate your components into your application.

Sample Reconstructed Wavefront

Custom Modules

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Main Features

AO Implementation…Accelerated  

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Do you lack the resources to implement wavefront correction?

BMC can help…

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Software Features

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The Boston Micromachines AO SDK gives the user the ability to implement adaptive optics without the need for intense, low level programming. Whether you select components from our existing portfolio or choose your own hardware, BMC will provide you with the building blocks to enable compensation of wavefront phase errors. Our goal is to reduce the time and manpower needed to enable closed-loop wavefront control.