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The Adaptive Optics Software Development Kit (AOSDK)

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The Boston Micromachines AO SDK gives the user the ability to implement adaptive optics without the need for intense, low level programming. Whether you select components from our existing portfolio or choose your own hardware, BMC will provide you with the building blocks to enable compensation of wavefront phase errors. Our goal is to reduce the time and manpower needed to enable closed-loop wavefront control.

AO Implementation…Accelerated  

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The Thorlabs Adaptive Optics Kit
Using our 3.5 µm-stroke Multi-DM as the enabling component, the Thorlabs Adaptive Optics Kit offers a total solution for wavefront correction demonstration.

Thorlabs Adaptive Optics Kit with a Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirror

Partner Solutions

Boston Micromachines and our partner company, Thorlabs, offer complete, customizable adaptive optics systems that utilize our deformable mirror technology to provide total solutions to your wavefront control needs. Whether you are looking to learn more about the principles of adaptive optics or implement a useful tool in your optical system, our Adaptive Optics Solutions can suit any demanding photonics application.  

Adaptive Optics Solutions