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Shaping Light Blog

August 24, 2009

Vision Scientists Using MEMS Deformable Mirrors to Improve Vision PerformanceCenter for Vision Science at University of Rochester Using Boston Micromachines’ Multi-DM

June 24, 2009

Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirror Used In Subaru Observatory Extreme Adaptive Optics ProjectSubaru Coronagraphic Extreme-AO Project Uses MEMS Deformable Mirror in Direct Imaging Technique

June 1, 2009

Boston Micromachines New Deformable Mirror Controller Enables Researchers to Quickly Integrate Adaptive Optics Into Laser Shaping ApplicationsNew Deformable Mirror Controller Enables Low Cost Adaptive Optics Proof-of-Concept Experiments

April 13, 2009

Boston Micromachines Founder Dr. Thomas Bifano Awarded Bepi Colombo PrizeBifano Recognized by Space Science and Astronomy Community for Outstanding Achievements for Adaptive Optics in Micro-Deformable Mirrors for Astronomical Telescopes

March 16, 2009 

Boston Micromachines Continues Growth with Boost in Revenues and Employee BaseCompany Empowers Adaptive Optics Progression to Commercial Market

January 26, 2009

Thorlabs and Boston Micromachines’ AO Toolkit Used by Researchers Around the WorldVision Science, Laser Beam Shaping, and Astronomy Research Being Furthered