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 Press Releases 

January 21, 2007

Thorlabs and Boston Micromachines Introduce Adaptive Optics Toolkit;Researchers Can Now Implement Adaptive Optics in Hours Rather Than MonthsNew Adaptive Optics Toolkit Provides Easy and Affordable Option for Researchers

October 29, 2007

NEI Awards $750,000 Grant to Boston Micromachines to Advance Retinal Imaging National Eye Institute Selects Boston Micromachines and Indiana University to Develop System for High Resolution Retinal Imaging System for the Aging Eye

September 10, 2007

Thorlabs and Boston Micromachines Partner to Further Deploy Deformable Mirrors to the Photonics Industry

September 10, 2007

Boston Micromachines' Multi-DM Named One of the Year’s Most Innovative ProductsR&D Magazine and Micro/Nano Newsletter Recognizes Multi-DM’s Increased Stroke and High Resolution

May 7, 2007

Boston Micromachines’ Technology Advances New Achievements in Multi Photon MicroscopyDeformable Mirrors Enable Imaging Live Tissue with Increased Depth

March 12, 2007

UC Santa Cruz Selects Boston Micromachines’ Deformable Mirror For Gemini Planet ImagerBoston Micromachines to Build Largest Ever MEMS Deformable Mirror

January 19, 2007

Boston Micromachines' New Deformable Mirror to Enhance Retinal Imaging Systems for Earlier Detection of Leading Eye Disease

First Deformable Mirror to Meet Needs of Biological Imaging for Vision Science and Microscopy Instrumentation

October 31, 2006 

Boston Micromachines Technology Supports Nasa’s Search for Extra-Solar Planets 

NASA Selects Boston Micromachines for Phase 2 SBIR

September 5, 2006

United States Army Selects Boston Micromachines for Pahse 1 STTR ProjectBoston Micromachines to Build Device to Prevent Friendly FireApril 10, 2006

Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirror Chosen by Physical Science Inc. for Optical Coherence Tomography SystemDeformable Mirror Enables Improved Image Quality of Human Retina for Diagnoses of Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration

January 10, 2006

Boston Micromachines Delivers First Low Cost, High Performance Deformable MirrorNew Compact Deformable Mirror Enables Research Laboratories to Develop Adaptive Optics Solutions

November 28, 2005 

NASA Selects Boston Micromachines For Phase 2 Project Boston Micromachines Deformable Mirrors Chosen for NASA Space Imaging Research